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Newly Renovated ITA Atlanta Comes Full Circle

ITA Atlanta

New management provides a state-of-the-art tennis, pickleball, and padel center

By Emmy Powell, Net News Editor

It’s been a long road but looks to be a rewarding one for Atlanta native Nazar Bilukha, the owner of the new ITA Atlanta. Bilukha grew up in nearby Embry Hills, went to Chamblee High School, and later played college tennis at Emory University, before graduating with a degree in finance and accounting. He grew up playing at — and later working at — the old ITA facility, which would become HIT Atlanta. The facility slowly deteriorated and was in bad shape. Bilukha was sad to see this, so he decided to take the financial knowledge he gained as an investment banking professional and give back to his community.

“I thought it would be cool to make it something special. This became a unique value-added proposition that would benefit everyone in Metro Atlanta,” says Bilukha.

Following a major demolition, hard work, and perseverance, the impressive, new facility is open to the public. “We have four outdoor tennis courts, four covered tennis courts — which will be fully enclosed this spring — 19 pickleball courts, and four padel courts,” says Dak Perry, ITA director of operations. Perry echoes Bilukha’s enthusiasm and has been working around the clock to provide a full-service facility for Atlanta area racquet sports enthusiasts. “We’re hosting collegiate tournaments, local leagues like ALTA, and doing some great charity work,” he said.

ITA Atlanta will be one of the first sites to host ALTA’s Pickleball League City Championships in late March. It will be bigger and better than ever with fun competition, food trucks, and the usual excitement centered on ALTA City Finals.

The new facility soon will be the only public place within Metro Atlanta with indoor tennis courts, the most pickleball courts, and will be the host site for Atlanta’s first padel club, PATL. Never heard of padel? It is described as easy to pick up like pickleball, dynamic like squash, and athletic like tennis. It is almost always played in doubles on an enclosed court that is about a third of the size of a tennis court. The game was invented in Mexico in the 1960s and has since gained popularity in many countries, particularly in Europe and Latin America. A padel racket is about three inches thick and is made of carbon fiber with holes in it to minimize drag. The ball has a similar appearance to a tennis ball, but the pressure is lower, reducing the bounce. The rules are somewhat like tennis, but there are unique elements, such as the ball being allowed to bounce off the walls during play. “The courts are packed as more people become interested in the game and learn how to play,” says Bilukha.

Future plans include not only enclosing the four covered tennis courts but opening a new restaurant/bar area that sits next to a unique outdoor viewing area.

Several ALTA tennis and pickleball teams already are registered at ITA Atlanta. Check it out and see what it’s all about. Details can be found at itaatl.com.

ITA Atlanta
3110 Presidential Drive
Atlanta, GA 30340

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