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Seven Oaks Goes Green


The Seven Oaks Tennis Club in Alpharetta is “going green” with an initiative to reduce the amount of plastic waste that teams and players produce before and after matches. According to the club, teams can use up to 1,000 bottles of water per week. That is a lot of non-decomposing plastic for one neighborhood, they said.

Now, the club is recommending the following steps for players and teams who use club facilities:

• Refillable water containers are preferred over single-use bottles of water, Gatorade or soda. The club has water fountains and ice available on property.
– 5-gallon jugs are available on match days for teams to fill, use, and return outside the tennis office.
– Please advise the other captains of the initiative, so their team can bring refillable containers.

• Be mindful of recycling trash containers and use them appropriately. Have a separate bag marked for recycling at the table.

• Consider using reusable plates, cups, and utensils — create less trash. A few teams have done this already with positive results and feedback from the other teams.

• Recycle your tennis balls in the container at the gazebo at 3 & 4. Sorry, tennis ball cans are not recyclable because of the metal rim.

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