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League News: ALTA’s Junior Challenge Ladder Hits the Over 40 Year Mark  

Luke Jensen and ALTA junior challenge ladder competitors

By Stacey Simmons, Junior Challenge Ladder Vice President

The 43rd ALTA Junior Challenge Ladder (JCL) season is here! The season began this year on August 26 with 136 junior players playing competitive matches throughout Atlanta. The goal of the 14-week season is to play tennis in a fun and low-pressure environment. The best part of the JCL is meeting new tennis friends across our great city. During the season, JCL players will compete in more than 1,000 combined matches.

This year’s season started with a kickoff event on August 28 at Sandy Springs Tennis Center. Four more events are planned for this year’s ladder players, including a top-10 player event. One of the best parts about the ladder is the swag. Last season, every JCL player got an ALTA hoodie. Players also earn awards for three-in-a-row wins, sportsmanship, and ladder player of the year.

The ladder is bolstered by parents who schedule and drive their players to their matches. The glue to our ladder season is our incredible volunteers, the ladder managers. Ladder managers are the main ingredient to a successful ladder season. They get the calls, emails, and text messages from the parents and players. Parents put their trust in our capable ladder managers to make sure it’s a smooth, safe, and fun ladder season.

Junior Challenge Ladder Managers

  • Depria Jones — Boys Lower Ladder Manager
  • Gina Woods — Boys Upper Ladder Manager
  • Amish Mody — Girls Lower Ladder Manager
  • Stacey Simmons — Girls Upper Ladder Manager
  • Anthony Swatski — Manager of the TennisRungs application.

This is my first year as VP of the Junior Challenge Ladder. I’ve been involved with the ladder for five years. Both of my boys have played (Harold and Kellen Simmons), and during the last two years, I have served as a ladder manager. I’m always impressed by the organization of the ladder and the skill level of the players. We have really strong players and incredible ladder managers, and I know this is going to be an unforgettable season. The JCL serves as a big steppingstone for junior tennis and helps support the growth of tennis in Atlanta. The majority of players on the ladder go on to play college tennis. Look for the final standings and a full recap of this year’s season in the 2023 March issue of Net News.

Junior Challenge Ladder Mid-Season Standings
1          Stephen Zhu
2          London Vasilescu
3          Kellen Simmons
4          Maanas Junghare
5          Jackson Brady
6          Robert Frierson
7          Bryan Powell
8          Jacob Dorland
9          Aaron Chang
10        Ryals Earnhardt
11        Moulik Jain
12        Maddox Iliescu
13        Grayson Perlman
14        Logan Gilleland
15        Ashrith Vemireddy
16        Lucas Vasilescu
17        Tom Hughes
18        Brandon Kim
19        Parth Mody
20        Micah Screws
21        Ayaan Valiani
22        Mike Hughes
23        Devesh Venkateswaran
24        Nicholas Ivchenko
25        Graham Antin
26        Raymond Gabler
27        Gene Yun
28        Thailesh Muruganandam
29        Adit Bhatia
30        Seokhyun Hong
31        Will Grable
32        Eli Falke
33        Jack Xu
34        Jeffrey Hallett
35        Satyajeeth Sk
36        Karaya Macharia
37        Ethan Brachman
38        Jay Sundar
39        Meet Soni
40        Prayag Kalaria
41        Andrew Godbey
42        Charlie Keable
43        John Lambremont
44        Avril Jain
45        Parth Gupta
46        Noah Chanthaphonh
47        Alexander Paden
48        Sebastian Mayorga
49        Ethan Ouyang
50        Jay Throckmorton
51        Ishaan Sivaramakrishnan
52        Orion Carmona
53        Arjun Desai
54        Donghan Kweon
55        Matteo Maddaleni
56        Jason Eigbedion
57        Tyler Ladge
58        Praneeth Kapalavayi
59        Jack Morrison
60        Bayan Watson
61        Saketh Ravikanti

1          Michelle Jones
2          Jigisha Singh
3          Manasi Bedi
4          Myra Wu
5          Jaala Screws
6          Amanda Tanaka
7          Alyssa Khou
8          Lauryn Swatski
9          Teri Brantley
10        Ryan Griffin
11        Bella Arwood
12        Manavi Bedi
13        Sydney Brantley
14        Madeline Hunt
15        Alyssa Braude
16        Athithi Ayyappan
17        Prisha Mody
18        Eesha Rangaraj
19        Caroline Malcolm
20        Hannah Lee
21        Bella Lotz
22        Sadira Ouyang
23        Juliana Diianni
24        Shresta Gunda
25        Stephanie Malcom
26        Lauren Powell
27        Katie Koenning
28        Grace Hauge
29        Jamaya Williams
30        Virginia Fisher
31        Samantha Ruder
32        Lily Kate Bell
33        Addison Merrill
36        Isabella Luce
37        Wangeshi Macharia
38        Keza Macharia
39        Elizabeth Liu
40        Ahana Singh
41        Isabella Massay
42        Sophia Luce
43        Dylan Merrill
44        Komal Chugh
45        Mckenzie Hensarling
46        Kavya Mistry
47        Mahi Ravi
48        Gabrielle Christie
49        Allison Chitwood
50        Aashini Ayyappam
52        Harshene Ramsankar
53        Harper Mammola
54        Arushi Bussi
55        Hannah Chanthaphonh
56        Bridgette Butler
57        Aria Desai
58        Nethra Ramalingam
59        Avery Gilleland
60        Katie Cummings
61        Sophie Henry
62        Sofia Johnson
63        Amrutha Tatiparthi
64        Ojal Aggarwal
65        Rida Quadri
66        Lydia Sweeney

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