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League News: Are YOU Our Next ALTA Volunteer?

ALTA Thursday Women courtside table

By Siobhan Schaeffer, Thursday Women’s League Vice President

Volunteers are at the heart of ALTA. This organization thrives because of all the volunteers who help manage and facilitate each league within the organization. The Thursday Women’s League has 16 level coordinators. Each coordinator is responsible for all teams within their respective levels, which in many cases includes 64 captains. Our coordinators are your first point of contact for questions — anything from player movement rules to default time and anything else that you might need clarified. They review the weekly scorecards and tracking sheets and send out information and tips as needed throughout the season.

We have four overall coordinators in addition to our level coordinators. The overall coordinators and the Thursday Women’s League Vice President finalize leveling before the season starts. While the ALTA computer system does the initial work, the overall and league vice president will review the placement of teams, research the addition and loss of players, review any requests for review submitted with their rosters, and adjust levels as appropriate. Then it’s time to move on to mapping out the divisions. While we do our best to limit travel distances, it’s not always possible with every level. At the end of each season, the overalls and level coordinators facilitate City Finals and it would not be a success without them.

Finally, we would not have a league if it wasn’t for our captains! The Thursday Women’s League includes over 730 women who have stepped up to captain their teams. These ladies spend countless hours of their time working on tennis management — everything from registering their teams before the deadline, organizing drills, creating lineups each week, and possibly even sending out food assignments. They coordinate the matches weekly with their opponents and enter scores after each match. We hope you all appreciate all they do as much as we do at ALTA!

As you can see, ALTA has thousands of volunteers across all leagues and we can always use more. If you would like to volunteer, please reach out to your league vice president and let them know. You can also go to altatennis.org/AboutALTA/Volunteering.aspx. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to enter your application.

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