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League News: Let’s Get Ready To ‘Fall’ In Love With Sunday Tennis

ALTA Sunday Women's League player

By Loretta Phillips, Sunday Women’s League Vice President

Hopefully everyone is making it through the hot summer months and is ready to get the fall season off to a good start.

Schedules go online Thursday, August 22, and you may begin adding to your rosters on August 23 (up to six players may be added). Our first match will be Sunday, September 8, and the last regular season match is Sunday, October 20. Playoffs will begin Saturday, October 26 with City Finals for AA Saturday, November 2 and City Finals for A, B, and C levels on Sunday, November 10.

I encourage all captains and co-captains to meet with your teams and review the rules. I realize there are few rule changes; however, it cannot hurt to review them to ensure you give your team the best chance of not defaulting and/or forfeiting points. Any rule changes are noted by a black vertical bar beside that rule. It also is wise to have a copy of the rules available at each match. Remember, only the four players on the court can come to a resolution when having a rule dispute during the match. The only thing someone not on the court can do is pass them a copy of the rules.

You also should have a list of the coordinators available during the match. Your coordinator is your first line of contact when a resolution is not able to be reached. If you cannot reach your coordinator, you may call your overall coordinator. If you do not reach either, you may contact any coordinator or overall coordinator on the list. They are there to help you before a rule infraction is made.

Entering line-ups should be done using the ALTA lineup checker. This will help eliminate player movement infractions. Entering and approving scorecards after each match has been completed is essential to the lineup checker being able to properly track your player movement as you prepare for the next match. You should also look at your tracking sheet to track player movement especially when matches are played early or are delayed due to inclement weather. When entering a lineup, please take note of any “warnings” the system displays. When you receive a warning, please stop, and go into your tracking sheet and look for possible player movement violations. If a scorecard is missing, look at your lineup for the missing scorecard and note where those players are/or will be playing in relation to the lineup you are entering.

When entering scorecards, please be sure to select/check that each player is listed as they played. You only have 10 days to contact your coordinator to have a change made.

I hope you are excited about the upcoming season. Let’s get our warm gear, friends and teammates, and our autumn dishes and beverages together and have great tennis and fellowship.

Tennis is a great sport — play well, play safe, be fair, be kind, and have fun!

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