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Moving the Ball Forward



By Dorian Jefferson, 2016 Chairman of the Board

The ALTA Board of Directors continues to move the ball forward as it executes its primary objectives to make policy decisions, approve funding for ALTA initiatives and manage the fiscal well-being of the organization. In 2015, the board approved more than $110,000 in grants through The ALTA Foundation, a charitable arm of ALTA serving disabled and underprivileged groups. The board is also a founding partner in the new Georgia Tennis Hall of Fame, which opened last March. The Hall of Fame is located in Marietta and maintains a section devoted to ALTA.

The board of directors is comprised of nine volunteer members: current president, first vice president, treasurer, president of The ALTA Foundation, two members elected by the board of directors and three past presidents. Together, they represent many years of experience as dedicated ALTA volunteers and bring experience outside of ALTA that complements the organization’s business. The major board responsibilities include approving the annual budget, approving a slate of officers for submission to a vote of the general membership at the annual meeting, presiding over the annual meeting and advising and assisting in removing obstacles to the success of the operation.

To explain more fully, the areas that the board deals with requires a look at the board committees. There are two standing committees of the board — the nominating committee and the information technology committee. Other committees are bylaws, policies and procedures; contracts; finance; employee benefits; The ALTA Foundation; and long-term planning. On occasion, the board may appoint additional committees to address special needs.

The information technology committee is typically the most active as it reviews recommendations for enhancements to the website and coordinates releases of the software along with testing, collateral training and communication. This committee is also the most visible as members use the website and ALTA On The Go throughout the year to register, review their schedule, enter scores and monitor division standings.

Each committee will undertake assigned initiatives in the specific area and make recommendations at the board meetings where the full board votes on their recommendations.

In 2016, we will continue to move the ball forward to increase the value to our members. While we may not be visible, rest assured that as a member of the largest volunteer grassroots tennis organization in the world, your ALTA board of directors is working on your behalf.

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