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Choose A Great Partner!


By Stephen Huss, Program Director, Huss 75 76 Tennis at Crooked Creek

Everyone is familiar with the old joke that the most important part of doubles is choosing the best partner … but it’s true!

However, it is not necessarily the best singles or doubles player at your club or in your area. Often, I see two similar (and good) players not do as well as expected when they play together.

You want someone who complements your own skills and usually has strengths different to yours. If you are a strong groundstroker, then try to play with a good volleyer and vice versa. If you are not as strong at net, you want to play with a big server and a big hitter so they can protect you from your opponents’ attacking you. This will set you up for easier volleys.

Again, compete hard no matter who you play with but look for a partner who complements your skills — and look to complement theirs.


Stephen HussAbout Stephen: Stephen Huss is from Melbourne, Australia. He was an All American in singles and doubles at Auburn University and is a former National Women’s coach. He has coached Sofia Kenin, Jennifer Brady, and Caroline Dolehide. Huss is a former assistant coach at Virginia Tech (men’s tennis) where the team earned a #12 national ranking. He also is the 2005 Wimbledon Men’s Doubles Champion. Huss has competed in 37 grand slams, won 4 ATP titles, 17 Challenger Titles, and 8 Future Titles. Stephen runs his Elite Tennis Program, Stephen Huss 75 76 Tennis out of Crooked Creek. More info: sceneytennis.net/stephen-huss-75-76-tennis.

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