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Utilize The Short Volley


By Stephen Huss, Program Director, Huss 75 76 Tennis at Crooked Creek

Growing up and learning tennis in the 80s and 90s, a common instruction from my coaches was to “punch the volley deep.” I am now of the opinion that this has changed in modern tennis because of racquet and string technology, and better athletes playing our wonderful sport.

Don’t get me wrong. There is still a time and a place to volley deep, but it is often more important to make your opponents move more by volleying short, or by hitting with angle away from them. It is vital to keep your short volleys low over the net to take away time. In addition, you need to be closer to the net to make your short volleys more effective.

So, try some short volleys and learn from your experiences about when to volley short and when to volley deep.


Stephen HussAbout Stephen: Stephen Huss is from Melbourne, Australia. He was an All American in singles and doubles at Auburn University and is a former National Women’s coach. He has coached Sofia Kenin, Jennifer Brady, and Caroline Dolehide. Huss is a former assistant coach at Virginia Tech (men’s tennis) where the team earned a #12 national ranking. He also is the 2005 Wimbledon Men’s Doubles Champion. Huss has competed in 37 grand slams, won 4 ATP titles, 17 Challenger Titles, and 8 Future Titles. Stephen runs his Elite Tennis Program, Stephen Huss 75 76 Tennis out of Crooked Creek. More info: sceneytennis.net/stephen-huss-75-76-tennis

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