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‘The Results are Amazing, and Fast’

The Robinson family

By David Martin, RN, President/CEO, VeinInnovations

It was during her second pregnancy that Diane Robinson began to suspect something was wrong with her legs. Sure, with her first baby, the fit 33-year-old high school physics teacher had some swelling of her ankles, but this cleared up after the birth of her son. The second pregnancy brought back the swelling, but now large, purple, angry-looking veins appeared, covering her right leg, and even creeping as low as her foot, making it painful to even put on her shoes. The left leg, while not as severe, had developed its own ugly veins, and these too showed no sign of going away, even after her second son was born.

Robinson also noticed that even though she had always been in good shape, working out several times a week even when pregnant, her legs now tired much more easily and her stamina had decreased. The discomfort and fatigue concerned her, so her doctor recommended her to a specialist, a vascular surgeon, who surprisingly told Robinson there was nothing he could do for her other than prescribe compression stockings. This physician then sent her on her way, telling her to come back when the baby was 1 year old, and they would look at treatment options then.

But after a full and miserable summer of wearing nothing but long dresses and pants, avoiding the pool, and generally keeping her legs covered, she finally had enough, and called VeinInnovations at the suggestion of her dermatologist, Dr. Eileen Niren. It was at VI where she met Dr. Darrell Caudill and things began to change for the better.

Caudill examined Robinson and explained to her that her condition was caused by the backward flow of blood in some of her veins, and it was treatable with minimally invasive procedures done in the office, with little discomfort and only local anesthesia. Local anesthesia meant that Robinson could drive herself to the appointments, and the fact that there was virtually no downtime after treatment meant that this busy mother of two young boys would not have to put her life on hold as she dealt with this unpleasant medical issue.

Robinson began treatment with Caudill, who had developed a tailored, comprehensive plan that would, in a short period of time, fix her troubled leg veins. She was delighted to find that her symptoms — and ugly veins — began to disappear with the very first treatment, and her improvement continued with each successive visit to VeinInnovations. She understood that it would take several visits, but as she herself pointed out to Caudill on the very first day, “We have a lot of ground to cover to fix these veins.”

Robinson says the experience was exceptional: “Every single person in the VeinInnovations office — from the front desk staff to the doctor and nurses —  are the best, most-caring professional group I have ever encountered. I love going to an office where I feel so well cared for.”

She is looking forward to the spring, when she can get back on her mountain bike and go to the pool, happy again to feel and look like the athletic, lovely young mother of two she is. Her advice to others who may be suffering from the same symptoms is simple: “If your legs are hurting or making you feel self-conscious, you don’t need to wait. Get a consultation at VeinInnovations, meet the doctor and nurses, and find out how they can help you. It’s easy, and the results are amazing, and fast.”


Learn more about the procedure and find a location near you by visiting veininnovations.com.

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