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Good Question Jan/Feb 2024


Regardless of the league, month, day, or time, there are some questions that we get asked over and over again. Here’s a look at some of the most common questions as answered by our 2024 Board of Directors in their past volunteer roles.


The voice let
During a recent match, my opponent hit a short lob, and I was at the net. The opponent was yelling “short” and “back up” to her partner. I went for the overhead but hit I into the net. I felt all of the yelling was very distracting and claimed the point due to a voice let since they were talking while the ball was on the way to our side of the court. My opponents were not happy and said it was not our point because I chose to play the ball. Who is correct?

Debbie Gaster, 2024 Chairman of the Board, 2019 Thursday Women’s League Vice President
Nov/Dec 2019 Net News:
While there are elements in this scenario in which both teams were correct, your opponents should have received this point. (Friend of Court, Part Two, Code 33 and 34). 33: Claiming a hindrance: A player who claims a hindrance must stop play as soon as possible. 34: Talking when the ball is in play: Doubles players should not talk when the ball is moving toward their opponent’s court. Any talking that interfered with an opponent’s ability to play a ball is a hindrance, and the opponent who is about to hit the ball may claim the point based on a deliberate hindrance. If the opponent chooses to play the ball and misses it, the opponent loses the point because the opponent did not make a timely claim of the hindrance. The reasoning behind this is you do not get two chances to win the point.

Limit on lets
How many service lets are allowed during a point (ball hits the tape but lands in)?

Lamar Scott, 2024 Board of Directors, 2022 ALTA President, 2021 First Vice President
Nov/Dec 2021 Net News:
According to USTA Rules, there is no limit to the number of service let calls during any given point. Keep in mind that if the ball hits the net and DOES NOT land in the correct service box, it’s a fault, not a let.

Check the ALTA FAQ’s
I am trying to find out the dates for league play in the spring. Could you tell me the dates of the matches and/or where I can find that information on the ALTA website?

Chequetta Allen, 2024 Board of Directors, 2024 ALTA President, 2020 Sunday Women’s League Vice President
Jan/Feb 2020 Net News:
When you go to altatennis.org, you are on the home page. There is a list of upcoming dates, and at the bottom of the list is a button marked “Go to Calendar.” If you click that button, then it will take you to a calendar, and you can scroll down from month to month to find the league dates for all ALTA leagues. You can also click on the hamburger icon next to the “sign out” button, and on the upper-right portion of the page > go to Players & Leagues >scroll down to Adult Leagues or Junior Leagues, and click on Learn More. When you click on an individual league (Men, Sunday Women, Junior Girls, etc.), you can scroll to the bottom of the page to get all league information, including all pertinent league dates.



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