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Good Question Mar/Apr 2023

Close-up of net on green clay tennis court

Entering the scorecard
After the completion of an ALTA match, who is responsible for actually putting in the scorecard?

Joan Marcinko, Senior Day Leagues Vice President:
Either captain or any player from either team can enter the scorecard. This should be done immediately after the dual meet is completed per ALTA rule III.B. Although home teams or winning teams normally enter cards, either captain may enter, and the other must review.

Warming up the service return
In a 10-minute warm up, are players allowed to warm up their return of serve as opponents are serving, or should they catch the ball and serve it back?

Chequetta Allen, First Vice President:
While a player can warm up their return of serve, to stay within the allowed 10 minutes, it takes less time to catch and serve the ball back to the other player. This is just a common courtesy to your teammates that may play after your line also.

Voice Let
Can a “voice/noise let” be called when the noise disturbance is from an adjacent court?

John Lowell, Mixed Doubles League Vice President:
No. (Friend at Court, Part two, Code 36) Out calls and other noises from spectators are not hindrances, and therefore, are not considered grounds for a player calling a let or claiming a point. A “let” may only be called when the noise disturbance is on the court being used. Only noise or a ball rolling into your court’s play area may be termed a “let” to stop play (immediately) and replay the point on your court.

Serving to Start a Tiebreak
When playing a match where the 3rd set is a mandatory 10-point tiebreaker, and the 2nd set ends in a 7-point tiebreaker, how do you determine which team gets to start the service in the 10-point tiebreaker?

Susan Levin, Sunday Women’s League Vice President:
The player/team whose turn it was to serve first in the tie-break game shall be the receiver in the first game of the following set. This rule would apply in the instance that the 10-point tiebreaker is played in lieu of a 3rd set.


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