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Good Question Nov/Dec 2023

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The Default
When a team is given a default from an opposing team, when and how does this transpire?

Joan Marcinko, Senior Day Leagues Vice President:
If team A is playing team B and team A is NOT able to have enough players for a match, it is the polite thing to do to let the team B captain know in advance. If you are the team B captain that is receiving the default in advance you MUST have written communication (email or text) from the team A captain stating that he/she will not have players present for the bottom line(s) for that match day. It is a good idea to have the players from team B present to receive the default. Team B does not technically receive the defaulted point until it is time (plus 20 minutes) for that line to take the court on match day.

Also, our ALTA rules state: “Should inclement weather occur at the normal default time of the line being defaulted, regular inclement weather rules apply, and the default does not occur.”

Green Dot Balls
At a Junior League match, the team manager of the home team was not present and they did not have green dot balls for all the matches played. The line two doubles players played their match with whatever balls were available, which happened to be the yellow USTA-approved balls. However, the 12U group is supposed to use the green dot balls. The opposing team was aware that they were not the correct balls, but they played anyway. Should the home line two doubles team have to forfeit the points played because they did not have the correct balls?

Wendy Fee, Junior Leagues Vice President:
No. The matches stand and there will be no forfeit of points since the matches were played.

Parking At Matches
Can the home team offer alternate parking without their opponents having the option to offer their courts?

Susan Levin, Sunday Women’s League VP:
This isn’t a case where the home team is unable to provide their home courts. Since the home team courts are available, there is no need for the visitors to offer their courts. However, the visiting team can still offer their courts to the home team for the match.

The 7-Point Tiebreaker
I’m a fairly new captain and wondering where I can find the details on a 7-point tiebreaker. Who serves after it has ended?

Greg McAfee, Men’s League Vice President:
The 7-point tiebreak is played when the set score is tied 6-6. Details can be found in the Adult Captains Handbook, page 29, #10. Once the tiebreak is completed, the team that served the first point of the tiebreak will receive in the first game of the next set. Therefore, the team that received the first point of the tiebreak will serve the first game of the next set. Teams also change ends before the next set.


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