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ALTA Sportsmanship Awards

ALTA mixed doubles teams shaking hands at the net.

By Rita Maloof, First Vice President

The coveted ALTA Sportsmanship Award recognizes outstanding displays of fairness, integrity, honesty, and common courtesy on and off the court at ALTA matches. Just being nominated is an honor. Nominations can be made at any time and are reviewed seasonally. Award winners receive a letter from the ALTA president, a sportsmanship bag tag, and are recognized in this publication. It’s easy to recognize extraordinary behavior but there’s only a few who will take the extra step and act on what they witnessed. Thank you for taking the time to bring outstanding acts of sportsmanship to our attention. Please join us in congratulating a few of our award recipients.

Dellinger Park
Sunday Women B5
Players: Michelle Arp/Marjory Tidwell
Nominated by: Gloria Sheets, captain at Kennworth Tennis Center

The first Sunday of the fall season was hot and humid. Typically, I’m not bothered by the hot weather. However, at the beginning of the second set, my stomach began to cramp, and I needed to leave the court. I was gone longer than the allotted time and expected our opponents to ask for a retirement, but in the ALTA spirit, Michelle and Marjory gave me as much time as needed to determine if I could resume play. I was able to return to the court and we finished the match. Their sportsmanship of wanting to play as opposed to getting the point was a great way to start the season and much appreciated. They are an example for other teams to follow since we are on the courts for an afternoon of fun and enjoyment. They truly deserve this award.

Senior Women B3
Captain: Robin Travis
Nominated by: Rebecca McGlothlin, co-captain at Peachtree Plantation West

I want to recognize the MJCCA team as wonderful sports. One of our players was seriously injured during her match. They stayed with her until her husband got there, providing ice, and found a wheelchair! They were extremely kind, and we appreciate it.

St. Marlo Country Club
Senior Women A9
Captain: Greer Johnson
Nominated by: Lylian Voss, captain Nesbit Lakes

Recently, Nesbit Lakes played St. Marlo Country Club. Due to some family issues, I was unable to attend the match; however, I really want to commend Greer Johnson, captain of St. Marlo. Early in the week of the match, she notified us that there would be limited parking because of a swim meet. She advised us to carpool and let us know our courts would be away from the noise at the pool. Later in the week, she wrote that she was reserving four parking spots for us.

The night of the match, I communicated with her that one of my line 1 ladies (who lives in South Fulton) might be a few minutes late. Her response was “Thank you for letting us know and please tell her to drive safely.” After the scores were reported — we split 2-2 — she texted me that we had such nice players and wished us the best of luck on our season. I was truly sorry that I didn’t get to meet her. Greer really demonstrated what I have missed in ladies’ tennis: hospitality, kindness, and patience. All captains could learn something from her! If there is an ALTA sportsmanship award, I would like to nominate Greer Johnson.

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