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League News: Rising To The Top

ALTA Junior Challenge Ladder participants

By Gina Woods, Junior Challenge Ladder Vice President

The ALTA Junior Tennis Challenge Ladder is a program that allows young players to compete with others of similar skill levels, improve their game, and make new friends. The 2023 season has ended, and we are proud to share the results and highlights with you.

We want to recognize our “Three-in-a-Row” awards this season, which means they won three consecutive matches without losing. These players showed great dedication and hard work. Well done!

  • Girls: Mirka Punekar and Rhiya Chiang
  • Boys: Moulik Jain, Grayson Perlman, Lucas Vasilescu, Tucker Turknett, Brandon Kim, Aaryan Ralkar, Josh Gaus, Nikhilesh Thiru, and Mukil Siva

We appreciate the participation and support of all the players, parents, and volunteers in the 2023 ALTA Junior Tennis Challenge Ladder. You made this season enjoyable and successful, and we hope you had a wonderful time. We look forward to seeing you again in 2024 for another year of fun, fitness, and friendship on the court!

We also want to acknowledge the 2023 VP of the Junior Challenge Ladder, Stacey Simmons, and the Ladder Manager Amish Mody, for excellent work.

What to look forward to: We are thrilled to share some exciting news with you! Our beloved ALTA’s Junior Challenge Ladder, which has been a great program for many years, is getting a makeover in 2024. The new season will kick off in August and wrap up in December. We are revamping and improving it to make it even more enjoyable for our junior players of all levels and ages. You can expect more fun, two group events during the season, and a rewarding challenge ladder experience! We have new facilities added which brings in new players.

Do not miss these important dates for the Junior Challenge Ladder!

  • In May, you can sign up for the most exciting tennis competition of the year.
  • In August, you will meet your fellow players and have a blast at the orientation party. Then, the ladder begins, and you can start challenging others to climb up the ranks.
  • Stay tuned for the dates and times of the special events, where you can win prizes and have fun with other tennis enthusiasts.
  • In December, the ladder ends, and you will find out who is the champion. Make sure you complete all your matches by then.

2023 ALTA Junior Challenge Ladder participants


  1. Bella Arwood
  2. Myra Wu
  3. Alyssa Braude
  4. Keza Macharia
  5. Amanda Tanaka
  6. Athithi Ayyappan
  7. Jaala Screws
  8. Hannah Lee
  9. Bridgette Butler
  10. Addison Merrill
  11. Sofia Johnson
  12. Isabella Massay
  13. Lily Kate Bell
  14. Harshene Ramsankar
  15. Jamaya Williams
  16. Sophie Henry
  17. Myra Punekar
  18. Mirka Punekar
  19. Dylan Merrill
  20. Aashini Ayyappan
  21. Rhiya Chiang
  22. Julia Marcotte
  23. Kaiya Sharp
  24. Tania De Wet
  25. Lydia Sweeney
  26. Prathishta Girish
  27. Natasha Varas
  28. Julia Bealle
  29. Pragnya Girish
  30. Aanya Patel
  31. Molly Marsden
  32. Allison Howe
  33. Anjali Patel
  34. Lekha Selvakumar
  35. Sana Kamalraj
  36. Alexandria Roberts
  37. Kaavya Selvakumar
  38. Nevaeh Patel
  39. Veda Nair
  40. Maria Escalera
  41. Emma Rhodes
  42. Prisha Mody


  1. Jacob Dorland
  2. Moulik Jain
  3. Micah Screws
  4. Lucas Vasilescu
  5. Grayson Perlman
  6. Nicholas Ivchenko
  7. Thailesh Muruganandam
  8. Tucker Turknett
  9. Kavin Sivasubramanian
  10. Adit Bhatia
  11. Brandon Kim
  12. Aaryan Ralkar
  13. Tyler Austin
  14. Meet Soni
  15. Josh Gaus
  16. Parker Albin
  17. Samuel Abdulaev
  18. William Hackney
  19. Joshua Ford
  20. Karaya Macharia
  21. Holton Milstead
  22. Teo Alizadeh
  23. Alessio Toniolo
  24. Nikhilesh Thiru
  25. Elias Panguito
  26. Dylan Luke
  27. Mukil Siva
  28. Brantley Grooms
  29. Vishnu Tadipatri
  30. Nicholas Prather
  31. Lawson Kassinger
  32. Caleb Burkhalter
  33. Finn Doyle
  34. Avril Jain
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