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2023 Gear Guide


By Cory Sekine-Pettite

As the summer ALTA season begins, make sure your equipment is in top form. Should you need any new clothes, shoes, racquets, or strings, our 2023 Gear Guide has you covered. So, get out there. Play fairly. And remember to have fun!

Wilson Rush Pro 4.0
Wilson tennis shoe collectionThe Rush Pro 4.0 upgrades dynamic court movement thanks to a pair of innovations in the midsole and outsole. An evolution of the Rush Pro 3.5 chassis construction, 4D Support Chassis 2.0 splits the chassis into two pieces for a dual purpose: one piece runs under the foot for enhanced support and forward propulsion, while the other runs laterally for additional stability and control. In the forefoot of the midsole, Energy Cell features a lightweight EVA foam designed to optimize the transfer of body weight through impact for more explosive propulsion. wilson.com

K-Swiss Pickleball Supreme
K-Swiss Pickleball SupremeThe Pickleball Supreme targets a more competitive player who is looking for a light, responsive shoe with added comfort features. This top-performing model incorporates Surge 7.0 for maximum energy return, new Durawrap flex upper for ideal fit and protection, and Dragguard 7.0 outsole for durability. kswiss.com


Babolat Jet Mach 3 Women
Babolat Jet Mach 3 Women The re-engineered Jet Mach 3 is designed to increase players’ confidence and speed on the court. This lightweight shoe is the ultimate weapon to get you faster to the ball. The upper fabric is woven together to create more elasticity, providing flexibility and comfort. A softer, shock-absorbing EVA foam pad offers excellent heel protection for an added layer of comfort and support. babolat.com


Diadora Blushield Torneo 2
4 Diadora Blushield Torneo 2The Diadora Blushield Torneo 2 is the perfect combination of comfort, stability and durability. Worn by world #25 Alejandro Davidovich Fokina, the Torneo 2 features Blushield technology which works with the foot to create best-in-class cushioning and balance at all points on the court. Available in both all court and clay outsoles. diadora.com



Prince Phantom 1
Prince Phantom 1The NEW Prince Phantom 1 has a retro style with technologies built-in to provide the support and stability needed for aggressive movers. Players love the mid cut which delivers a supportive fit with plush padding around the ankle. The low-to-the-court ride keeps you feeling light on your toes. The toe-box is designed for extra stability on quick changes of direction, while the X-Light Endurance rubber compound provides superb traction on a variety of surfaces. tennis-warehouse.com

Mizuno Wave Exceed Light AC
Mizuno Wave Exceed Light ACDesigned for the active player, the Wave Exceed Light takes lightweight cushioning to another level. Whether your game is tennis or pickleball, you can stay on court all day long as the Wave Exceed Light is one of the lightest shoes on the market. MIZUNO ENERZY is utilized in the heel, allowing for an extremely high level of energy return and responsiveness from the first serve to the final point. A new forefoot design provides a relaxed, wider fit while the X10 outsole supplies added durability. The total result is a luxurious, yet lightning-fast shoe created for all-day play. MizunoUSA.com

FILA Axilus 2 Energized
FILA Axilus 2 EnergizedThe Axilus 2 Energized is FILA’s premium lightweight performance tennis shoe, and one of the brand’s most popular performance shoes to date. The shoe offers a lightness and responsiveness that allows for optimal agility on the court, with a protective, molded forefoot cage that offers abrasion resistance, stability and an overall maximum comfort fit for all players. fila.com/tennis

K-Swiss Ultrashot 3
8 K-Swiss Ultrashot 3The Ultrashot 3 is built for competitive, aggressive, and powerful tennis players who demand a shoe with the highest level of performance. The Ultrashot 3 offers maximum energy return with Surge 7.0 midsole technology; stability from the 360 Plantar Chassis; and Dragguard 7.0 for durability. Comes with a 6-Month Outsole Guarantee. Worn by ATP and WTA professional athletes. kswiss.com

Mizuno Wave Enforce Tour AC
Mizuno Wave Enforce Tour ACDesigned for the advanced player, the all-new Wave Enforce Tour AC is the ideal shoe for powerful competitors who love to dictate points from the baseline. Equipped with MIZUNO ENERZY throughout the footbed, the Enforce Tour provides high-energy return and plush cushioning for quick transitions without added weight. The DuRubber outrigger outsole supports forceful rotational movement, maximizing stroke power and footwork stability, and works in conjunction with a unique upper blend of TPU and mesh to produce a professional level of durability. The proprietary Dyna-Heel Lock system improves the fit and alignment of the ankle and heel, further enhancing stability and maneuverability. Includes a 6-month warranty. MizunoUSA.com

Wilson Rush Pro Ace
Wilson Rush Pro AceThe most generous fit in the popular Rush Pro line, the Rush Pro Ace earns high grades for tennis players with a strong preference for comfort on the court. Highlighted by its wider toe box to accommodate wider feet, this shoe also helps stabilize the foot through its 4D Support Chassis: a symmetrical heel-toe chassis that limits supination to help control pivot movements. Layered with Sensifeel on the upper for additional breathability, the Rush Pro Ace delivers an appealing blend of comfort, stability, and aesthetic for supreme confidence with every step. wilson.com

Yonex SONICAGE PLUSThe Yonex SONICAGE PLUS is engineered for recreational and intermediate players looking for a super-wide (4.5E) shoe. This unisex all-court shoe features a seamless tongue, TPU Shank, and Flexquip durable skin to provide maximum comfort and stability. Additionally, signature POWER CUSHION + technology is incorporated for increased shock absorption and repulsion. yonex.com/us


Babolat Propulse Fury Men
Babolat Propulse Fury Men The New Propulse Fury has been reinvented while remaining true to its DNA. The Powerbelt strap wraps around the midfoot and offers exceptional lateral support. Situated between the midsole and the Powerbelt, this reinforcement piece increases lateral support and anchors you to the ground for increased stability. This is the only shoe in the Babolat range offering a 6-month outsole warranty. babolat.com


Diadora B.ICON 2
Diadora B.ICON 2Diadora’s premium performance shoe, the Speed B.Icon 2, gets updated with some slight changes to the upper for durability. Taking the midsole super foam DD Anima from their premium running shoes and infusing it into the B.Icon, you’ll find great shock absorption, while also being extremely light and responsive. The D-Skin upper material hugs the foot uniformly to help maximize the support, and to reduce stress on pressure points. An outer hook on the lateral side of the shoe is connected to the lacing system, which helps to lock-in the heels, and boost support around the ankles. Available in both all court and clay outsoles. diadora.com

K-Swiss SpeedTrac
K-Swiss SpeedTracThe SpeedTrac is the next-generation tennis shoe designed for quickness and movement around the court. The new 180 PSC design for lightweight midfoot support incorporated with a new outsole pattern provides maximum speed around the court. kswiss.com


Mizuno Wave Exceed Tour 5 AC
Mizuno Wave Exceed Tour 5 AC Faster, lighter and more flexible than before, the all-new Wave Exceed Tour 5 AC is designed for the advanced tennis or pickleball player looking for the utmost in explosive on-court performance. MIZUNO ENERZY, is integrated in the midsole at the forefoot and throughout the sockliner to deliver quicker turns, starts and stops for optimum performance and ultimate energy return. An all-new “bootie” construction and a remodeled 3D-SOLID upper design offer greater flexibility and comfort, allowing the foot to truly integrate with the shoe no matter how intense the movements. MIZUNO WAVE Technology increases ankle stability and shock re-distribution while the DuRubber outsole provides the durability and longevity top players demand. Includes a 6-month warranty. MizunoUSA.com

Babolat Pure Aero Rafa
Babolat Pure Aero RafaThe 2023 Pure Aero Rafa racquet is defined by Rafa without any dampening system for a natural-sounding shot. While only having a static weight of 10.2 ounces, this racquet provides power and spin from an even balance frame, open string pattern, and higher swing weight of 290 kg cm2 — which means this racquet swings like a traditional Pure Aero racquet. babolat.com


Wilson Burn v5
Wilson Burn v5For players who love to hit from the baseline, Wilson’s Burn brings the heat. This tennis racquet packs a powerful punch. Featuring a carbon fiber composition with increased frame stiffness, the lightweight frame unleashes plenty of pace upon contact. The v5 is highlighted by a burnt orange color that’s sure to pop on court. wilson.com



GAMMA Voltage 5.0 Pickleball Paddle
GAMMA Voltage 5.0 Pickleball PaddleThe GAMMA Voltage 5.0 Pickleball Paddle is for discriminating players who want a responsive paddle that produces intense spin. The specialized micro bead surface creates texturing to bite extra ball rotation with every shot. The Voltage 5.0 features a 14mm thick polymer core which offers great power and touch. The broad hitting area and unique shape improves swing speed and results in less drag so you can focus on hitting deep penetrating shots while keeping on top of the pace of play. gammasports.com


Yonex 7th Generation VCORE 100
Yonex 7th Generation VCORE 100Endorsed by Grand Slam Champion Elena Rybakina, the Yonex VCORE 100 is the perfect frame for the all-around player looking to add spin and speed to their game. The 7th Generation VCORE features an enlarged frame top at the 2 o’clock and 10 o’clock positions, increasing ball contact area and producing a higher launch angle. String it with Yonex POLYTOUR REV for the ultimate spin combination. yonex.com/us


GAMMA Neutron 5.0 Pickleball Paddle
The GAMMA Neutron 5.0 Pickleball Paddle is all about control. The graphite hitting surface spreads out the sweet spot and delivers consistent feel throughout, and the specialized micro bead surface treatment enhances spin for consistent shot placement. The polypropylene core is 12mm to minimize shock, making it easier to maintain the correct position at the No Volley Zone during intense rallies. gammasports.com

HEAD Radical MP
HEAD Radical MP 2023Upgraded with state-of-the-art Auxetic technology, the highly versatile Radical MP offers all-court performance players a modern blend of power, control, and spin. head.com/en_US

GAMMA Obsidian 16
GAMMA Obsidian 16Product Description: The GAMMA Obsidian 16 was introduced earlier this year for players looking to up their game. It features a 16mm NeuCore Polypropylene core material and a raw graphite surface. It weighs just 7.8 oz. and will have your opponents envious of both your shots and your game-winning paddle. gammasports.com



Prince Ripstick
Prince RipstickPrince combines the speed, spin, and power of a modern player’s racquet with uncommonly high levels of comfort in the Ripstick. Available in a 300g and a 280g version, the 100-square-inch head offers controllable power and the open 16×18 string pattern delivers easy access to spin. An arm-friendly frame featuring the most evolved version of Prince’s O-Port Technology, one of the game’s time-tested and proven technologies for comfort, as well as stiffness ratings in the mid to low 60s. tennis-warehouse.com



HEAD Gravity MP
HEAD Gravity MP 2023Aggressive next-generation performance players can dominate the game with the Gravity MP, with its huge sweet spot, revolutionary frame, and innovative Auxetic technology. head.com/en_US

GAMMA Micron 5.0 Pickleball Paddle
The GAMMA Micron 5.0 Pickleball Paddle provides a mix of accessibility and precision thanks to its broad face and unique micro bead texture. The 12mm polypropylene core provides a wide sweet spot for responsive shots at all times, even when hitting outside the center of the paddle. Unique spin technology on the surface makes it easier to change up your shots and control the pace of the game. gammasports.com

HEAD Gravity Tour
HEAD Gravity Tour Pickleball PaddleThe all-new Gravity model comes with a distinctive flip design and a massive sweet spot shape that combines the great power you want with a soft impact feel you need. It combines HEAD’s latest technologies that work together for an ultimate paddle experience. head.com/en_US



GAMMA Atomic 5.0 Pickleball Paddle
GAMMA Atomic 5.0The GAMMA Atomic 5.0 Pickleball Paddle is a confidence-inspiring paddle that can handle fast exchanges at the kitchen line and put maximum pace on your serves and groundstrokes. The fiberglass face and 14mm thick polymer core create tremendous performance and reliable feedback providing maximum power and precision while the wide face also affords plenty of surface when blocking from a defensive position. gammasports.com


Wilson Pro Staff v14
Wilson Pro Staff v14The Wilson Pro Staff v14 is a precision-oriented racquet ideal for advanced players. Slightly lighter than the Pro Staff RF 97, it still has a high weight that’s concentrated in the handle. Designed with Paradigm Bending technology to optimize the bending profile between the shaft and hoop, this racket offers precision and pinpoint control. wilson.com


FILA La Finale Racerback Tank
FILA La Finale Racerback Tank A classic and stylish tank that completes any tennis outfit, the La Finale Racerback is available in two signature colors emblematic of the collection’s trademark look. Flattering color blocking style pairs with contrast color binding and side panel piecing to produce the ultimate blend of comfort and style fila.com/tennis





Diadora SS Polo Icon
Diadora SS Polo IconUsing premium stretch polyester piquet, this retro-inspired polo will keep you cool all day long. The SS Polo Icon features contrasting knitted inserts on the collar and on the sleeve hems. The logo design complies with all tournament regulations. diadora.com




Pique Sleeveless Polo & High Waist Pique Skirt
Pique Sleeveless Polo & High Waist Pique SkirtLucky In Love redefines the polo tank and high waist skirt in a new, hip fit length that keeps you covered. Performance Pique fabric brings a new feel to the court, as the mesh paneling and neon piping bring accents of flair and color. shopluckyinlove.com



The Break by Fortyall
The Break by FortyallCrafted for the players who are ready to break their classy counterparts who always hold serve. Wrinkle-resistant and sweat wicking capabilities makes for an essential top for any athlete. Custom-sourced fabric with top-line moisture wicking capabilities and UPF-50 protection makes this a staple for all tennis bags. Fortyall.com





Diadora Bermuda Icon
A seven-inch short made with stretch microfiber fabric with ball pockets on either side, stretch drawstring waist and polyester piquet insert. diadora.com


Ellesse Tournelle Tee
Ellesse Tournelle Tee Crafted from a breathable, moisture-wicking fabric, this tee comes in a classic fit, featuring mesh contrast piping and signature branding to the chest. Also features jacquard knits, two color combinations, and twin tipping. The Tournelle Tee comes in a fresh Aqua color and a classic white for a more conservative look. newcobrands.com



FILA La Finale Pleated Skort
The La Finale Pleated Skort is defined by its signature pleating detail and a contrast color waistband and Forza ball short.

The Hold by Fortyall
A timeless American-made collared tennis shirt built with a classic look. Exactly what the athlete needs to hold their serve as they have trained. Designed to perform under pressure, The Hold will keep you comfortable and composed throughout any match. Custom sourced fabric with top-line moisture wicking capabilities and UPF-50 protection makes this your go-to for those big days at the court. Fortyall.com

Metallic Ikat Set
Metallic Ikat SetLucky In Love brought the Ikat trend to the court, and they are making a bold statement by adding a hit of metallic shimmer to this beautiful collection. shopluckyinlove.com




Diadora L. Skirt Icon
Retro-inspired tennis skirt made of microfiber, with a pleated finish and contrasting inserts on the waistband make it easy to win in style. Built in brief features ball pockets at the sides. diadora.com

Ellesse Gilli Tee
Featuring a stretch moisture-wicking fabric, this tee features contrast paneling and signature Ellesse branding. This tee offers a modern take on classic fabrics and designs with asymmetric color pops and jacquard knits. Available in an Off-White color as well as a traditional White. newcobrands.com

Ellesse Ranaldi Dress
Ellesse Ranaldi DressDesigned with a stretch moisture-wicking fabric, this dress features a bonded hem, contrast piping and signature Ellesse branding. With the asymmetric color pops, jacquard knits, and a modern take on the classic Ellesse style, this dress will become your go-to when you hit the courts. The Ranaldi Dress comes with a built-in compression short. Available in Off-White and a traditional White for a more classic look. newcobrands.com



Ellesse Tolbiac Polo
Crafted from a breathable, moisture-wicking fabric, this polo is part of the Ellesse brand DNA. Coming in a standard fit and featuring a flat knit collar and cuffs, it’s detailed with classic dual-embroidered badges and branded pearlized buttons. The Tolbiac Polo comes in a bright and fresh Aqua color as well as a classic white. newcobrands.com

The Deuce by Fortyall
Complete the look and meet your performance goals with these all-court shorts. No matter what’s thrown at these, they were carefully assembled to play through the tightest matches. With sweat and stains in mind, these shorts wick moisture with ease and allow for UPF-50 protection. Fortyall.com

Coral Canyon Pleated Skirt
Coral Canyon Pleated Skirt Lucky In Love embraced spiritual gangster when designing this colorful pleat tier skirt. Bold, abstract florals float across two layers of pleats as a multicolor border trim brings an added pop of color. Paired here with their essential One Love Rib Tank.






Babolat Touch VS Natural Gut
Babolat Touch VS Natural Gut Babolat says this is the best string on the market. This string is the most comfortable, and most powerful, offers the best feel of any string, holds tension the longest, and is the most arm friendly, Babolat reports. Your strings are the engine of your racquet and choosing the right string is important. Babolat invented tennis strings in 1875 and has been innovating ever since. babolat.com



Yonex POLYTOUR DRIVEPOLYTOUR DRIVE is the newest Yonex string available in the U.S. Endorsed by professional player Dayana Yastremska, POLYTOUR DRIVE is designed for players of all swing speeds looking for a shaped string at an affordable price. This string is available in 1.25 mm. and colorways of black and silver. yonex.com/us





HEAD Hawk Power
HEAD Hawk PowerDesigned for high-performance players and made in the United States, the Hawk Power adds explosive power and control to your game. head.com/en_US






Pro Penn 40 Pickleball
The Pro Penn 40 Outdoor is ideal for all players who demand a long-lasting, fast, and consistent ball for high performance tournament play. head.com/en_US


PrinceGrip Plus Lotion
PrinceGrip Plus LotionBack by popular demand! Prince brings back the original, very popular PrinceGrip Plus Enhancing Lotion! PrinceGrip Plus keeps your hands dry for a more secure grip and better control of your racquet. Used by tennis players, runners, and athletes in a variety of sports needing an additional moisture barrier layer which helps prevent blisters. tennis-warehouse.com




Wilson Luxilon Eco Power
Wilson Luxilon Eco PowerLXN Eco Power offers a durable, heavy-duty construction that’s oriented for power, spin and control, yet forgiving when hitting delicate shots. Designed for all-around players who want to level up their game and make a sustainable choice, this hexagon shaped string grips the ball upon contact to create additional spin and keep your shots inside the court. It is the first string on the market made from 100% recycled materials. wilson.com



Prince Synthetic Gut w/Duraflex
Prince Synthetic Gut w/DuraflexPrince Synthetic Gut w/Duraflex is one of the most popular strings ever made. With its seductive all-around playability, this iconic string has attracted generations of players. It also makes the perfect hybrid cross. This string’s magic comes in no small part from Duraflex, a unique material technology that enhances durability without compromising comfort. Once you factor in the price, it’s easy to see why this is one of the best value strings of all time. 12 Colors + Rainbow! tennis-warehouse.com



Tourna Tuff
Tourna TuffTourna Tuff is a longer-lasting version of the famous Tourna Grip. Still features max sweat absorption. Still gets tackier when you sweat. Still trademarked blue color. The main difference is its more durable. Six years in development, this grip is ideal for those looking to make their overgrip last longer. Available in 3, 10, and 30 packs. tourna.com






Lobster Sports elite two
Lobster Sports elite twoThe elite two features triple oscillation, which produces shots at random width and depth, places emphasis on strong footwork and the ability to adapt to the types of variable shots one sees in match play. Improve your reaction time while you advance your foot speed agility. Sky-high lobs and blistering speeds of 80 mph will take your game to new levels. These battery-powered tennis ball machines will challenge all your strokes, not just your forehand and backhand. lobstersports.com


Babolat Pure Aero Rafa RH x6
Babolat Pure Aero Rafa RH x6The new Pure Aero Rafa bag design is created to be carried closer to your body, bringing your center of gravity forward, and making it more comfortable. The bag has a hard-wearing waterproof outer for maximum protection; is designed to stand straight up, making it easier to access equipment; and has a large capacity to hold plenty of gear. babolat.com



GAMMA Tour Backpack
GAMMA Tour BackpackThe GAMMA Pickleball Tour Backpack comes with all the space and features you need to haul your gear. The entire bag is water resistant and comes with lined interior compartments that make them easy to keep clean. Shoe and/or wet clothing compartment at the bottom with air vents prevents odor and moisture from accumulating. Four accessory pockets allow you to stash smaller items. Additional features include a top grab handle, and 2 hooks for hanging the bag on a fence. gammasports.com


Lobster Sports elite grand five le
The elite grand five le is designed to be the ultimate combination of functionality, performance and ease of use. Players can choose 18 different shot locations with the press of a button and use this to customize their drills and even save them for future practice sessions. There are 12 pre-loaded drills as well, ready for use right out of the box. Alternatively, create match-like conditions by fully randomizing combinations of speed, spin, placement and feed rate. lobstersports.com

The pickle champion by Lobster
The pickle champion by LobsterOffering cutting-edge technology unrivaled among pickleball ball launchers, the pickle champion by Lobster feels like you are playing against another human being! With the push of a button, players can set endless options for personalized training or choose from the six pre-loaded drills for instant play with our upgraded machine. The pickle champion by Lobster also offers unparalleled, fully random oscillation where balls are tossed randomly throughout the entire court, mixing up ball speed, spin, and trajectory. lobstersports.com


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