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ALTA’S 2020 Board of Directors: Moving ALTA Forward

ALTA's 2020 board of directors

By Bob Fitzgerald, 2020 Chairman of the Board

I am deeply honored to be ALTA’s 2020 Chairman of the Board. The ALTA Board includes the chairman, 2020 president, two past presidents, secretary, treasurer, the ALTA Foundation President and two elected, at-large members. These board members have many years of history with ALTA and along with their talented skill set, their backgrounds are very diverse. The common thread is that they are all volunteers, and they love tennis and ALTA.

This year, the ALTA Board is focused on reviewing and moving the organization forward. The game of tennis is still played the same way, but the world around it has changed dramatically. Last July, we went live with a new ALTA website. This new website is an ongoing project to bring more tools to manage, coordinate, and communicate with our members. We expect to see more enhancements this year to improve our member experience. Staying with technology, we also hope to leverage social media to provide more information to our members. In addition, there should be more outreach for new members and awareness of our efforts to give back to the community that serves all of us.

One of the biggest challenges to all of our ALTA members is getting to and from tennis matches. Although we can’t build new roads or commuter systems, we can look at where ALTA tennis matches are being played today, and how and where they could be played tomorrow. Most of our volunteers also are playing tennis within our leagues, so we feel the struggle of how you are spending your time. We plan to look at our existing ALTA boundaries to see if there are improvements within the leagues that can get teams closer in distance. The goal is for our members to spend more time playing tennis and enjoying their fellow participants. Stay tuned and look for future announcements of changes to improve the ALTA experience.

The ALTA Board is responsible for the business side of ALTA. Among our responsibilities are finances, policies, administration, asset management, and all of the other tasks that come with operating any business. 2020 President Sandy Depa, along with the Executive Committee, will be managing the 13 leagues we currently have operating. Sandy and I hope to keep ALTA moving forward for all of our members.


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