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Exploring The Possibilities For ALTA

ALTA board of directors

By Marla Michalewicz, 2019 Chairman of the Board

The 2019 Board of Directors is the governing body for ALTA’s policies and business practices. The BOD is comprised of the chairman, the president, two past presidents, the secretary, the treasurer, the ALTA Foundation president and two elected members. Each member of the board brings a different set of skills and his or her own opinions regarding ALTA’s future. We all love this organization, and we love the sport of tennis. It is our directive that we support ALTA’s mission as we endeavor to improve the experience for our members. With that as our goal, the 2019 BOD will explore the possibilities for ALTA.

As you are aware, the biggest project over the past year has been the upgrade to our website. This new site will provide an improved user experience for members and team leaders as they participate in our various leagues and mixers. After the launch, our information technology committee will continue to review our needs and recommend the appropriate upgrades.

Along with the Executive Committee, under the guidance of President Bill Price, we will consider how this organization must change for our 21st-century membership. The possibilities are as endless as they are exciting. Initiatives must be carefully considered by the appropriate committee and staff (to determine the costs and the impact on our members) before any recommendations can be made to the BOD. The process can be slow, but we will accomplish some wonderful things.

Under the leadership of Linda Shepherd, the ALTA Foundation supports many deserving programs that provide access to the sport of tennis for the physically, mentally, or economically disadvantaged. Also, the foundation administers the Keith Wood Scholarship Program, which is a wonderful opportunity for graduating seniors. The members of the foundation board will pursue other charitable avenues as we look to touch more lives through tennis. Our members should be proud of the good works of the foundation.

You can be assured that the board of directors works hard to meet the needs of this organization. I look forward to the Annual Meeting, when I can report to you the many successes of each ALTA volunteer.

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