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Proudly Saluting and Celebrating the Inspiring Life of a Longtime ALTA Member

Herman Tannenbaum

By Emmy Powell, Net News Editor

He flew combat missions as an Army B-24 Bomber navigator. He was married to the love of his life for 64 years. He picked up his first tennis racquet when he was in his 40’s. He moved to Atlanta and bought a house in Bridle Ridge in 2000, and at the age of 77, he played his first ALTA match.

It’s a story like no other. Herman Tannenbaum left an incredible legacy to the people of the Bridle Ridge subdivision in Suwanee. He was a fierce competitor and expected no less of his partners on the court. Ashley Cavender, Tannenbaum’s first tennis partner, says people who met him or played against him were always in awe. “The humanity of him towards every human being was remarkable,” says Cavender, who described Tannenbaum as a true sportsman who exemplified that tennis is a life sport. So many teammates say Tannenbaum proved to everyone that age is just a number.

Tannenbaum was able to win his first and only ALTA City Championship when he played on a Men’s League team in 2011. Mark Fulgsang was his teammate. “We nicknamed him the ‘Hermanator’ because of his strength and resilience on and off the court. He embraced his age and made the most of every day.”

He did make the most of every day until he could no longer. Tannenbaum was 101 when he passed away in December of 2023. The personal impact and memories that Tannenbaum left are what make this community so special. Everyone loved being around him. When he finally stopped playing tennis at the ripe old age of 96, his passion for the neighborhood and teammates continued, and he would stay on ALTA rosters and continue to show up to pull for his teammates. The community was always there to pitch in and help when he needed it. Whether it was just a meal or a Thanksgiving holiday get-together, Tannenbaum was part of the Bridle Ridge family.

Last month, a huge crowd gathered to dedicate their tennis pavilion in Tannenbaum’s honor. They played some fun round-robin tennis, played cornhole, had great food, and told countless, humorous stories about his life. There is a special plaque hanging in the tennis pavilion that highlights his incredible legacy. This will serve as a special reminder of his great passion for tennis and for people. It will always be a part of the Bridle Ridge community. Just like the “Hermanator.”

Herman Tannenbaum plaque

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