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Good Question March/April 2018

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It looks like it’s going to be really cold this weekend, and I’m afraid our clay courts will be “unplayable.” What should I do?

 Kirsten Sykes, Mixed Doubles League Vice President

Be proactive. If your facility also has hard courts under the same facility number, try and secure them. If not, you must check with the visitor team to see if they have courts. If they don’t, then you may call a “rain delay.”

Under Interpretations in the Adult League Captains’ Handbook, rule IV.J states: Home clay courts not available because they are frozen or have been frozen and have water on surface due to thawing. If the facility that the match is scheduled on has a separate facility number that applies only to the clay courts, rule IV.J applies “visiting team has the first option of providing courts.” If the facility has hard, soft and indoor courts under one facility number, the home team can move the dual meet to other approved courts available at the same facility. If the home team cannot provide courts, rule IV. J applies. If neither team can supply courts, rule VI.B applies as a rain delay.


 If there is a makeup, are teams required to give the other team their lineup by a certain date?

Sandy Depa, Senior Day Leagues Vice President

The answer is found in the Captains’ Handbook:

Making Up a Postponed Match. After waiting one hour, teams may reschedule their match to any date prior to the published default date and time. See Individual League Rules for these times. If captains/players cannot agree on the date and time for the makeup match, then the match will be officially scheduled for the date and time published in the Individual League Rules. All postponed matches must be rescheduled within 24 hours.

  • Matches that were in progress must be completed by the original players and must be resumed at the point of the interruption.
  • Matches must be completed on the same court surface/type being used at the point of the interruption.
  • Designated players for matches not begun may be changed to other players on the roster.
  • Once players have agreed to a date, time and location to complete the match, that becomes the new scheduled date and time for the match.


 I am on a roster for the spring season, but I did not agree to be on the team. Why didn’t I know the captain had added me?

Celia Sheridan, Junior Leagues Vice President

Once the captain of an adult team or the manager of a Juniors team submits a roster, the player is sent an email stating that they have been placed on a specific team for the upcoming season. It is sent to the email address listed on the player profile. If you did not get this email, it may be because you have changed your email, but did not update your profile on the ALTA website. It is very important that you update any new information, such as phone number, address, email, etc., on this profile so if ALTA needs to reach you or send you information, it will be sent and received at the correct location. Please go to the ALTA website, www.altatennis.org, log in with your username and password and then go to the My ALTA section to update your profile.


I was playing a match and noticed that my opponent had a dampener placed high on her strings. What is the proper placement of a string dampener?

Holly Underwood, Sunday Women’s League Vice President

Per Friend at Court, page 6, section 4, The Racquet, Case 3: Can vibration-dampening devices be placed on the strings of a racquet? If so, where can they be placed?

Decision: Yes, but these devices may only be placed outside the pattern of the crossed strings.

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