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Good Question November/December 2017

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I have a player who has broken her arm and cannot play this season. Can a player be removed from the roster during the season?

Jane Milton, Thursday Women’s League Vice President

In ALTA’s General Rules Adult League, Section 1, G.4. states “No player may be removed from a roster after the roster correction deadline, regardless of how they came to be on that roster.” She will need to stay on your roster for the remainder of the season. She can submit a post-season deletion request at the end of the season if she wishes to remove that season from her player history.


I am a manager for the Junior Leagues and wondered what help I can obtain if I have a question during a match or need help regarding the ALTA rules. What is available to me?

Celia Sheridan, Junior Leagues Vice President

Whether you are a Junior Leagues manager or an adult league captain, each level has a coordinator assigned to it. This information is found on your schedule and includes the coordinator’s phone number and email address. If you are uncertain about handling a situation or need clarification of rules, they are available to help you. If you cannot reach your coordinator, any coordinator listed in the schedule packet can help. In addition, the ALTA website, altatennis.org, has all the league documents for you to access. During roster submission, the roster packet is available online. Once the season schedules are available, the schedule packet is online. You can also look up rules, handbooks and pre-season presentations. These are very useful tools to help you through the process of submitting your roster and all the way through the end of the season. I hope you will become familiar with these resources and reference them as needed.


How many miles per hour of wind must be reported before a match can be rescheduled due to high winds?

Holly Underwood, Sunday Women’s League Vice President

Please refer to Rule VI., E., where it states that there is no provision for wind. As long as the courts are dry and playable, a match must be played at the regular match play time or at the scheduled time, should it be a makeup match.


Could you please clarify how much time is allowed between points, between games, at the changeover, between sets and in a medical situation? I’ve been involved in matches where players sat down for a long period of time at a changeover or took an excessive amount of time between the first and second sets.

Terry Godbold, Men’s League Vice President

As a principle, the play should be continuous from the time the match starts until the match finishes. Between points, a maximum of 20 seconds is allowed. When the players change ends at the end of a game, a maximum of 90 seconds is allowed. At the end of each set, there shall be a set break of a maximum of 120 seconds. A rest period of a maximum of 10 minutes can be taken after the second set in a best-of-three-sets match. A player suffering from a treatable medical condition may be allowed one medical timeout of three minutes for the treatment of that medical condition. A limited number of toilet/change of attire breaks may also be allowed. See Friend at Court, Rule 29 Continuous Play, as well as Table 13 for medical timeout.

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