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League News: Learn to Run ‘N Roll


By Bob Kohmesher, Special Programs Vice President

You know the drill. You play tennis with your friends in your subdivision or closest park. You practice with your ALTA teammates. You compete in ALTA matches. Some of you play on senior teams. Some of you have fun matches with your children. Some of you even include coaching. Tennis is your life! You think you couldn’t have it any better. Well, there is another tennis challenge awaiting you — Run ‘n Roll tennis.

ALTA sponsors wheelchair tennis leagues as well as Run ‘n Roll leagues. Run ‘n Roll is exactly like it sounds. A wheelchair player is paired with an “Up” or “Run” player. The only real difference is wheelchair players get something we’d all like to have — a double bounce. And they definitely use that to their advantage. You’d be amazed at how quickly the wheelchair players cover the court.

You may be thinking that you’re too old, too young, or not good enough to play this exciting style of tennis, but you’d be wrong on all counts. Age is not a factor, nor is ability. We match “run” players with an equally skilled wheelchair player, e.g., an A player with an A player, a C player with a C player. Not only is Run ‘n Roll tennis fun to play, it’s a great opportunity to expand your set of tennis friends. You’ll also increase the diversity of your play.

We have two seasons of Run ‘n Roll tennis — summer and fall. The fall season starts on September 8 and ends on October 13. We play at Hudlow Tennis Center on Tuesday evenings at 6:30 p.m. If you’re interested in playing or learning more about Run ‘n Roll, contact the VP for Special Programs at specialprogramsvp@altatennis.org.

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