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League News: Our ALTA Seniors Love To Come Out And Play!

ALTA Senior Day League

By Joan Marcinko, Senior Day Leagues Vice President

ALTA’s Senior Day League continues to grow every season! We had a total of 288 women’s teams (seven new teams) and 88 men’s teams for a grand total of almost 5,000 players. Our spring season was wonderful with few conflicts and not a lot of rain on our Tuesdays and Wednesdays. I’d like to thank all the Senior Day overalls and coordinators for their support and dedication to this league. I encourage you to take the time to thank your coordinator, too!

As we move forward to the fall season, we will be looking to include more players and teams. The only requirement to play is that you are at least 55 years of age. A new team can be formed with a minimum of eight players. This league starts at 10:00 a.m., and we play only three lines. Our format for play changed slightly at the beginning of this year. If a line of doubles split sets in this senior league, all four players must agree to play a full third set, otherwise you must play a 10-point tiebreaker as the third set. I found that most players did play the full third set in the spring, as we had such great weather and lots of teams have three courts available on match day.

It is important to me to hear from captains and players in this league. We are trying to provide better customer service, so we would love to hear from you. If you have concerns for the fall season, please use the Request for Review option when submitting your roster and/or email me at seniordayvp@altatennis.org.

Don’t miss out on the fun for fall tennis in the Senior Day Leagues. Registration opened June 22 and closes July 13. See you on the courts!

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