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League News: Players Snag Coveted Trophies

ALTA Mixers winners


Once again, mixed doubles teams of ALTA represented the league well at the Summer Mixed Doubles Mixer.

The players displayed excellence in the areas of talent, grit and outstanding sportsmanship. Each team was comprised of a man and a woman at least 18 years of age and an ALTA member in good standing.

Thirty teams participated in the event and were grouped in high and low levels for A, B and C divisions. With the split within each division, every team had an equal opportunity to win the division title. Play consisted of two rounds of six-game pro sets. Each division had champion and finalist teams, and each team received coveted tennis ball trophies.

We look forward to seeing everyone in a few days at the Fall Senior Mixed Doubles Mixer being held at Bitsy Grant Tennis Center.

JCL Players Are Up to the Challenge

ALTA Junior Challenge Ladder player

The 2018 ALTA Junior Challenge Ladder kicked off on a beautiful day at the end of August at Sandy Springs Tennis Center. Twelve courts were donated to ALTA for the JCL players to use for fun match play.

More than 50 players and their parents were on hand for some social tennis, snacks and catching up with each other after a long summer. The parents were invited to learn about the ladder and ask questions of ladder managers Patricia Winfrey and Brenda Maddaleni, and the JCL vice president.

The girls’ ladder and the boys’ ladder are now underway with more than 100 players. ALTA proudly has some of the best junior tournament players in the Atlanta area competing on our ladders. The season runs 14 weeks total, ending on Dec. 7. There will be a banquet and awards ceremony in early December to finish the year. The 2019 ladder will begin registration at the end of next July and the ladders will open again next August.

We celebrated the 2017 ladder season this summer by introducing the top 10 boys and girls on center court at the BB&T Atlanta Open on ALTA Day.

Earlier that same day, more than 20 JCL players enjoyed a tennis clinic with Wayne Bryan on the BB&T Atlanta Open practice courts. Many of the clinic players were some of our younger members from the ladder getting a taste of the tournament scene. We were thrilled to see John Isner, Ryan Harrison, Frances Tiafoe, Hyeon Chung and other pros who were warming up on the adjacent courts.

Mike Bryan also stopped by our clinic to help his dad with instruction. He offered the ladder players his best advice and allowed all of us a chance for autographs and pictures. Bryan says he believes doubles play is the best practice to improve volleys and to quicken reflexes.

Despite begin busy with school this fall, hundreds of matches already have been scheduled and played. We have implemented tennis software this season that has streamlined the process of making and receiving challenges. I have heard of great sportsmanship among players accommodating others who needed to play at a certain time or location to fit tight schedules. Most players will complete 12 challenge matches during the season, plus participate in JCL events and round robins.

Many parents have offered compliments on what a nice group of young players we have on the ALTA Junior Challenge Ladder. This keeps me busy sending T-shirts and prizes to players who have completed certain requirements or who have gone “above and beyond” in sportsmanship – a very good problem to have! Keep up the good work, and I will see you on the courts.

Top 10 girls 2017

  • Peyton Lee
  • Jessie Young
  • Elizabeth Goines
  • Hanna Giddings
  • Juliana Mascagni
  • Caitlyn Munson
  • Kylin Sadler
  • Samanatha Hogan
  • Alessandra Crump
  • Jada Young

Top 10 boys 2017

  • Suhas Krishnan
  • Jonathan Mascagni
  • Garrett Johns
  • Britton Johnston
  • Tres Gonzalez
  • Jack Sorel
  • Alejandro Moreno-Latorre
  • John Lasanajak
  • Niles Rachal
  • Paul Roberts


1          Jessie Young
2         Sarah Yang
3         Juliana Mascagni
4         Lauren Khou
5          Kavya Patel
6         Kate Sharabura
7         Jada Young
8         Jo-Yee Chan
9         Mai Nguyen
10      Germany Davis
11      Leeza Kurtz
12      Neena Katauskas
13      Jaala Screws
14      Davonda Smith
15      Grace Pietkiewicz
16      Nina Zhao
17      Kaitlyn Chalker
18      Michelle Jones
19      Jonay Brittain
20      Alexandria Mann
21       Alexandra Alterman
22      Madison Andrews
23      Toni Rachal
24      Daniella Michelle Clayborn
25      Maya Steines
26      Mara Opre
27      Fatimah Butt
28      Kimaya Paranjpe
29      McKenzie Oliver
30      McKenzie Shelton
31      Lauren Griffin
32      Lauren Heybroek
33      Danielle Annette Clayborn
34      Ama White
35      Alyssa Davis
36      Tori Pride
37      Sydney Brantley
38      Alyssa Khou
39      Jensen Diianni
40      Katherine Grados
41      Prisha Mody
42      Lailah Rahman
43      Teri Brantley
44       Emily Oleson
45      Claire Giddings
46      Megan McKinnon
47      Trinity Porter
48      Lauryn Swatski
49      Emma Zhou
50      Deekshu Devarasetty
51      Athithi Ayyappan
52      Elle Honeycutt
53      Sofia Mulkey
54      Isabel Mulkey
55      Ella Malecki
56      Lyla Malecki


1         Jonathan Mascagni
2         Garrett Johns
3         John Lasanajak
4         Niles Rachal
5         Alejandro Moreno-Latorre
6         Robert Bauer
7         Paul Roberts II
8          Jake Young
9         Andrew Pietkiewicz
10      Blake Stoddard
11      Luca Davidorf
12      Freddie Lawrence
13      Harrison Kim
14      Asa Wong
15      Melvin Gibson
16      Paul Fridman
17      Solomon Crouch
18      Braxton Wright
19      Reese Philip Hilsen
20      Nicholas Vincent
21      Blake Hilsen
22      Matteo Maddaleni
23      Aidan Atwood
24      Parker McGowan
25      Jordan Winfrey
26      Josiah Blocus
27      Daniel Cowan
28      Stephen Zhu
29      Evan Le
30      Mark Arshavsky
31      James Weber
32      Samhith Aravind
33      Ethan Swatski
34      Harold Simmons
35      Parth Mody
36      London Vasilescu
37      Jaden Wong
38      Josue Blocus
39      Krushna Malapati
40      Matthew Marino
41      Nicolas Silva
42      Collin Sheppard
43      Kennedy Reardon
44      Kellen Simmons
45      Cooper Davis
46      Chetan Challa
47      James Cowan
48      JP Lutkuaskas
49       Harrison Kemp
50      Teo Johnson
51      Alexander Badircu
52      Kyler Kodinsky

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