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League News: Start Your Spring Training

ALTA Sunday Women's League player

By Linda Shepherd, First Vice President

It was obvious when the fall season began, Sunday Women were back. More than 1,000 teams registered and competed for the famous silver plate.

Little did they know that last year was ALTA’s 50th anniversary and they would receive a commemorative limited-edition plate.

In 1934, the ALTA organization started with 50 members. Their initial objective was to promote tournaments in the area and raise money to support junior tennis. In 1971, ALTA changed its format to league tennis and has evolved to what it is today.

The A level teams were described as “tournament players,” B level as “players with minimum tournament experience,” and C level as those with “no previous match-play experience.”

Moving through the pandemic, with respect to our members, new guidelines were put in place. No food tables, an optional ball exchange, and no full third sets to determine the winner were a few of the changes. Some of these guidelines have been left in place, even as we are exiting the pandemic. A new rule appeared in fall 2021 stating that the home team must provide a can of USTA-approved balls for each line. There is no exchange of balls at the end of the match.

However, the full third set is back! Some like this, while others may not. We continue to review and update rules as situations arise; we always welcome suggestions from our members. This can be done by sending an email to firstvp@altatennis.org.

Spring registration for Sunday Women opened on January 1 and closes on January 20. Don’t miss out; get your team registered!

Spring in Georgia is always perfect tennis weather. Along with the beautiful weather, you can start your spring training! You can make those New Year’s resolutions come true. Tennis is good for your health.

It is a sport that can be played at every age and at any skill level. It is a sport that gets people moving. Not only is it a calorie-crushing aerobic workout, but it is also good for your heart. That’s why it starts with “Love all”!

So, let’s see you on the courts, playing doubles, and getting that double benefit of a fun game that’s good for your health!

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