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League News: Superlative Seniors

ALTA Seniors league table. The

By Barbara Ingram, Senior Leagues Vice President

We’ve had a wonderful summer full of incredible match play in our Senior Women’s and Senior Men’s Leagues. City Finals had amazing competition and great sportsmanship in all levels of play.

So now that it’s over, and if you are looking forward to even more fun times with the 45 & over leagues, you are in luck! Registration opens on September 24 for the 2020 Winter Senior Mixed Doubles League.

If you are 45 or over and have not played Winter Senior Mixed Doubles League, you are missing out on another fun league where you will only compete with others who are also 45 and up.

We have 4 lines of play on Saturday mornings at 10 a.m., beginning January 4th. Not only do we have two lines of Mixed Doubles matches, but for those few people who tell me that they feel they can’t compete in Mixed Doubles, we also have one line of Senior Women’s play and one line of Senior Men’s play.

Start checking with your Senior Men’s and Senior Women’s teammates now, and get a team together for the 2020 Winter Senior Mixed Doubles League. You’ll be so glad you did!

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