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League News: The Team Spirit Of ALTA

ALTA Thursday Women
Photo: Laura Barnard

By Karen Sullivan, Thursday Women’s League Vice President

It’s amazing how quickly the seasons fly by! We will be in the midst of wrapping up the spring 2023 season by the time you read this. It seems that spring can bring a significant amount of stress to a team and its captain. Many teams have several players out of town during the spring season, and it can be difficult to field a complete lineup some weeks. Please do consider playing some lines early if requested by a team. The easiest way to do this is to play the entire match at an earlier date.

In this way, a captain will not have to deal with possible movement issues that can arise when a match is only partially completed. Remember, the match is tracked from the date the last line is played. Additionally, your level coordinator is there to help you with any questions you may have during the season. The coordinators are such an asset to our organization, and I may be biased, but I believe our Thursday coordinators are some of the very best! Please remember that our coordinators are all volunteers and be respectful.

This respect also should carry through to our interactions with other captains and players. I know it seems like we have so many rules and regulations, and we can get so wrapped up in the minutia that we forget what drew us to play ALTA. The teams we play on often include our best friends, neighbors, and sisters. They can be a part of our lives long after we have finished a match. We certainly can remind ourselves every season; we are meeting new people and going to new places (even if they sometimes seem so very far away) and spending time participating in a sport we all love!

I would like to take the time this and every season to savor the delights of playing tennis, and I wish you the same! Here’s to many seasons of sunny skies and fun matches!

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