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Sportsmanship: It’s the ALTA Mantra

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Tennis is a game that requires cooperation and courtesy. It can be intense but exhilarating, and good sportsmanship makes for a good day on the courts whether you win or lose the match.

ALTA encourages good sportsmanship. We love to hear the stories from our membership who went above and beyond so that matches could get played. As a coordinator, overall coordinator and now league VP, I have received many emails and phone calls about the issues and problems that occur on the tennis courts. But, when I hear about all the good that happens, it reminds me why I volunteer with ALTA.

Lifelong friendships and friendly rivalries have occurred because of ALTA tennis. Many of us moved to the Atlanta area and looked for a local or neighborhood team so we could make new friends and find our way around. The Thursday Women’s League is filled with wonderful ladies who get the opportunity to get out on the courts during the week and have some friendly competition.

Tennis legend Billie Jean King said, “A lot of sports, over the years, become a game. If you are into tennis, it becomes part of your lifestyle.” I believe that rings so true for our ALTA membership. Each season, we give out sportsmanship awards to teams that are examples of stellar cooperation or helpfulness during the season.

If you come across one, please let your coordinator know so that they can be nominated for this prestigious award. Make it a goal this season to be that team that gets nominated for our sportsmanship award.

Billie Jean also said, “Sports teaches you character. It teaches you to play by the rules. It teaches you to know what it feels like to win and lose. It teaches you about life.” So, carry these life lessons of good sportsmanship from the courts to your entire life.

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