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You Can’t Beat the Australian Open

Melbourne, Australia, home of the Australian Open

By Luke Jensen, French Open Doubles Champion

Tennis fans, I am going to tell you about the biggest secret in professional tennis. Wherever I go in the world, tennis fans talk about their amazing tennis adventures to tournaments like Wimbledon, the French Championships, Indian Wells, Miami and the US Open. I never hear about the warmest tennis hotspot in the world — the Australian Open.

I am telling you, if you ask any player or any fan who has experienced the grand slam Down Under, they will all say how much fun they had going to the Aussie. Now, I know it is on the other side of the world, but once you get there you will find a nation of people that are a throwback to amazing hospitality. Aussies love to have fun and have a drink with you. They are proud of their country and culture. Tennis Down Under is in the fabric of their DNA. From Rod Laver to Margaret Court and the many hall of famers in between those two tennis icons, tennis is an Aussie religion.

From the tour events to the exhibition events leading up to the Aussie Open, the momentum builds to what ESPN tennis legends call “The Happy Slam.” If you want to experience a grand slam just a walk away from downtown or even a trolley ride to all the great tennis, look into a trip to the land of wonder, the land Down Under.

So, now for the tennis heads-up. Roger Federer is back! The Fed Express was sidelined late 2016 with injuries, but things look good for him rolling into Melbourne. Andy Murray just rose to world No. 1, but he has never won an Aussie. I like Stan Wawrinka to take his second Aussie. I also like a very aggressive Serena Williams to take another grand slam and break her title tie with Steffi Graf-Agassi. There are some solid players who will challenge, but Serena is still Serena!

I can’t wait! Bring on the 2017 season!

Living large with the chip and charge to the Aussie Open.

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