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Good Question: May/June 2022

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Warm-Up Interrupted
At the beginning of a match, team A spins the racquet, and team B wins the spin. Team B then chooses to serve. Team A chooses a side. During the warm-up, it starts to rain, so both teams leave the court to wait for an hour to see if the rain stops. After 15 minutes, the rain does stop, and in another 15 minutes, the courts are playable. Both teams return to the courts. Team B now informs Team A they have decided to change their spin decision. They chose this time to receive, not serve. Team A replies that they cannot change their choice once they have made the decision. Who is correct?

Mitch Falkin, Men’s League Vice President
If the warm-up is stopped and the players leave the court, the results of the original racquet spin stands, but the teams can change their original choice. In this case, Team B can change its decision and receive, while Team A would choose its side. Team B is correct. According to “A Friend at Court,” Part 1 – ITF Rules of Tennis, paragraph 9, “Choice of Ends and Service.”

Court Availability
Some of our facility courts are being resurfaced. Our home courts will not be available for all of our home matches. Under these circumstances, can we find other courts in our area for those matches?

Susan Levin, Sunday Women’s League Vice President
ALTA General Rules Adult Leagues, IV Dual Meets, J. If the home team is unable to provide their home courts, then the visiting team has the first option to provide their home courts for the match. Once the captain determines which matches their courts will not be available, they should notify the visiting captain. If the visiting team decides to host the match on their courts, they will be considered the home team. However, if the visiting team does not wish to provide their courts, then the responsibility reverts to the scheduled home team, which must provide courts within the approved ALTA area at the scheduled match time.

Switching Teams
After moving to the Atlanta area, I found and signed up for a new tennis team. Since then, I have found another team in my new neighborhood with whom I want to play. I would like to be removed from the first team roster and put on my neighborhood team. Can I do that and how?

Karen Sullivan, Thursday Women’s League Vice President
You can be removed from a team by the captain or by calling the ALTA customer service and placed on another team if it is before the last day of the roster correction deadline. If the roster correction deadline for that season has passed, you must remain on the original roster.

Injuries & Insurance
If a tennis player is injured while playing an ALTA league match, does ALTA carry a general liability insurance policy to cover medical expenses?

Cathy Gonzales, Senior Day Leagues Vice President
No. ALTA does not carry general liability insurance for members. There are more than 1,100 ALTA-approved facilities where ALTA league matches are played. It is the responsibility of each of those facilities to carry general liability insurance for the people who play tennis on their courts. This and other important ALTA FAQs can be found on our website: ALTAtennis.org>Home> Resources and Calendars >FAQs 


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