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Dunlop Announces New Line of ATP Balls


Dunlop_ATP CHAMPIONSHIP EXTRA DUTY tennis ballsDunlop recently announced a full lineup of new ATP balls, all developed as part of its multi-year partnership as Official Ball of the ATP Tour. The company’s super-premium ATP Extra Duty ball made its debut in February as the Official Ball of the NY Open. That ball features new HD Pro Core technology (the finest natural rubber mixed with a new proprietary blend of materials, Dunlop says) and HD Pro Cloth (woven and dyed for maximum visibility and consistent performance).

“When the ATP Tour chose us as their official ball, we immediately began work on this new line, which includes the two balls that will be used more than any other ball on the ATP Tour, our ATP Extra Duty and ATP Regular Duty balls,” said Kai Nitsche, VP and GM for Dunlop Sports.

The Regular Duty version of the ATP ball features Fluoro Cloth construction, which makes it ideal for use on clay and indoor courts. The Extra Duty ball will be used for ATP Tour hard court events.

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