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League News: Rolling into a New Season

ALTA wheelchair/run 'n' roll tennis

By Bob Kohmescher, Special Programs Vice President

We just finished another season of Run ‘N Roll doubles tennis. This program is exactly what it sounds like; one player runs, and one player is in a wheelchair (hence “rolls”). We finished our summer season on July 16 in a close match between the top two teams. After they split the four lines, the championship came down to a close 10-point tiebreak, 10-8.

Just as in other ALTA leagues, Run ‘N Roll has a seven-week schedule. We play at Hudlow Tennis Center in Norcross on Tuesday evenings. Hudlow is centrally located and is wheelchair friendly. Our players enjoy the opportunity so much that they don’t mind driving a bit to play. We have a few players who drive up from the Griffin/McDonough area and another who comes from Chattanooga, Tennessee.

If you’d like to learn more about this league or to play in this great program, send an email to vpspecialprograms@altatennis.org. The new players who participated in this past season had a great time. The next Run ‘N Roll season starts on September 3. This will be a wonderful opportunity to diversify your tennis playing experience.

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