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League News: Spring Into ALTA Senior Tennis

ALTA seniors league players

By Roger Dennington, Senior League Vice President

Springtime in Atlanta … flowers blooming, warming temperatures, and the distinctive thump of tennis balls in play. This is the time for ALTA summer Senior Leagues. If you are 45, or turning 45 by December 31 this year, then you are eligible for the ALTA summer Senior Leagues.

We have leagues for both men and women. Women play on Thursday nights at 6:30 p.m., and the men play on Friday nights at 6:30 p.m. Each league plays four lines of doubles. Away from the heat of the day, we have great matches under the stars.

Senior League registration begins Tuesday, March 23 and continues until Tuesday, April 13. Play starts Thursday, June 3 for the women’s league and Friday, June 4 for the men’s league. The regular season play ends on Thursday July 15 for the women’s league. The men’s regular season wraps up Friday, July 16. After the playoffs, City Finals for the women is scheduled for Saturday, August 7,  and the men have their City Finals on Sunday, August 8.

We have levels at AA, A, B, and C, so you are sure to find a competitive level for your team. Ten members are required to field a team. So, gather up at least 9 of your fun-loving tennis friends, and come join us for summer Senior tennis. Put these dates on your calendar and gather your team. We look forward to some great evening tennis in Atlanta.

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