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Help Your Partner Hold Serve


By Stephen Huss, Program Director, Huss 75 76 Tennis at Crooked Creek

Sometimes, I hear players at all levels say something like, “I held my serves, but my partner lost theirs three times.” I smile internally as I believe a good partner takes some responsibility for their partner’s service games by helping out and having an impact at the net.

So, here’s a pro tip on when to poach or ‘squeeze/pinch’ the middle to get your racquet on more volleys:

Deuce side

  • Any T serve that stretches your opponent
  • Any forehand body serve

Ad side

  • Any T serve that stretches the returner
  • Any backhand body serve.

These returns are significantly harder to be accurate down the line, so cover more space and hold your partner’s serve for them!


Stephen HussAbout Stephen: Stephen Huss is from Melbourne, Australia. He was an All American in singles and doubles at Auburn University and is a former National Women’s coach. He has coached Sofia Kenin, Jennifer Brady, and Caroline Dolehide.

Huss is a former assistant coach at Virginia Tech (men’s tennis) where the team earned a #12 national ranking. He also is the 2005 Wimbledon Men’s Doubles Champion. Huss has competed in 37 grand slams, won 4 ATP titles, 17 Challenger Titles, and 8 Future Titles.

Stephen runs his Elite Tennis Program, Stephen Huss 75 76 Tennis out of Crooked Creek. More info: sceneytennis.net/stephen-huss-75-76-tennis.

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