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Winner Selected for Autographed Nadal Racquet

Amanda Newton, winner of the autographed Nadal racquet from Babolat.

Thousands of ALTA members and tennis fans entered the Net News giveaway this past summer for a chance to win a Rafael Nadal-autographed Pure Aero Decima racquet from Babolat. In late September, one lucky winner was chosen at random. Amanda Newton (pictured), an ALTA member and UGA Law School student is now the proud owner of this collectible.

Newton said she started playing on ALTA teams when she was in elementary school, and she has continued to play for 20 years. “I love playing tennis because it is truly a family affair,” she said. “My mom, Katrina, plays tennis almost every day, and she introduced tennis to me from a young age. To this day, the first thing my family does when we are all together is go out to the tennis court. It gets really competitive and there is a running tally of who is in the lead! There is nothing better than having the chance to get together with family on the court.”


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