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Greek Pasta Salad

Greek pasta salad

Christina Stolte, The Club at Spalding Corners Sunday Women B3

12-16   oz. bowtie pasta
1          pint grape tomatoes, halved
½         cup sliced black or kalamata olives
½         seedless English cucumber, sliced then halved
¼          cup red onion, diced
½         of a lemon, squeezed
½         tsp. dried oregano
¼          cup Italian parsley, chopped
½         tsp. fresh ground black pepper
Feta cheese, crumbled
Ken’s Simply Greek Vinaigrette dressing, to taste

Prepare pasta as directed. In large bowl, mix tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, onions and parsley. Squeeze lemon over mixture and add pepper. Let marinate. Drain pasta; add to bowl and toss with dressing. Serve with Feta cheese on top.

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