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Summer Peach & Blueberry Kale Salad


Colette Jefferey, Cambridge Mixed Doubles B8

For the salad:
1 bunch of kale, chopped
2-3 fresh peaches, pitted & chopped
1 cup blueberries
¼ – cup toasted pepitas
1 tsp. extra virgin olive oil (or
avocado oil)
½ lemon, juiced

For the lemon vinaigrette:
2 medium lemons, juiced
4 tsp. honey
Splash of extra-light tasting
olive oil (about 1-2 tsp.)
Cracked black pepper, to taste

To make the vinaigrette:
Whisk all your vinaigrette ingredients together in a bowl. Store it in the fridge until you’re ready to eat.

To make the salad:
Place the kale in a bowl and drizzle it with the olive oil and lemon juice. Rub the kale together with your hands to fully coat/massage it in the oil and lemon juice. Do this for 5 minutes. Add the peaches and blueberries and pour your vinaigrette over the top. Toss the salad and sprinkle it with toasted pepitas right before serving.

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