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Tri-Colored Pasta Salad


Lisa Stark, Creekstone Women’s B8

1          pound tri-color rotini pasta
2          cups Italian dressing
8          oz. mozzarella cheese, diced
2          cups cherry tomatoes, halved
8          oz. can pitted and sliced black olives, drained
1          green bell pepper, chopped
1          red bell pepper, chopped
Salt and pepper to taste

Cook the pasta as per the package instructions. Drain the pasta into a colander and then dump it back into the pot. Add 1 cup of the Italian dressing and stir until the pasta absorbs the dressing. Cover the pot with a lid and cool for 30 minutes at room temperature. In a large bowl, add the pasta, mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, black olives, green bell pepper and the remaining 1 cup of Italian dressing and toss gently, then refrigerate at least one hour. Season with salt and pepper, and then transfer the salad to a serving bowl.

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