Thursday, August 6, 2020
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King And Her Court

By Emmy Powell, Net News Editor Her personality is infectious, her passion for tennis is unmatched, her heart seems to be made of gold, and...
Senioritas Celebrate Long-Time Friendship

Captain’s Corner: Senioritas Celebrate Long-Time Friendship

Tennis has a way of bringing out the best in people, and for one senior team from Indian Hills Country Club, playing together and...
Sunday Women’s B5 City Finals

Captain’s Corner: Meet Christina Abrams and Amanda Morgan

ALTA’s premier event for each season is the City Finals Championship. So many players never even make it to City Finals, yet others have...
Connie Houze with her ALTA teammates.

Eighty Seasons And Counting

COMPILED BY EMMY POWELL, NET NEWS EDITOR ALTA is continuing this new feature called the “Captain’s Corner.” Net News is distributed to ALTA members six...
Kathleen Dunlap

Captain’s Corner

COMPILED BY EMMY POWELL, NET NEWS EDITOR ALTA is pleased to announce that we are kicking off a new feature in this issue called the...