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Rear view of a woman serving the ball while playing a mixed doubles tennis match. Men and women playing tennis outdoors on a sunny day.

Daily Doubles Observations

By Luke Jensen, French Open Doubles Champion Doubles Alert! Where are you positioned before every point in your doubles matches? As the Director of Racquet...
Close up of male and female sports people legs while playing active game. They are standing on court with focus on back and holding rackets. Team mates are preparing for match

Doubles Science – The Back Volleyer

By Jim Richards, Smoke Rise Pro In club tennis, doubles teams play one up/one back because of the possibility of an opponent hitting a lob...
Young man is playing tennis on sunny day

Net Player Tactics

By Jim Richards, Smoke Rise Pro In previous articles, I have discussed baseline doubles tactics, but these strategies also apply to the net player....
Men playing tennis doubles

Doubles Science – The Backcourt

By Jim Richards, Smoke Rise Pro Backcourt tactics refer to shots hit after the initial serve and return have been hit. When it comes to...
Women's doubles team serving

Doubles Science – The Return

By Jim Richards, Smoke Rise Pro Return tactics depend on serve speed. Assuming the first serve is fast enough to prevent you from hitting short...

Are You in the Right Gear?

By Terry Gratz, USPTA P1, PTR, MRT, Director of Women's Tennis at Dunwoody Country Club To play smart recreational doubles tennis, you must know in...